Screen Printing with Joseph from Monster Gallery

Marlina and I had a wonderful art session this afternoon. Joseph from Monster Gallery was so sweet to arrange a special workshop for us when we could not attend one of his earlier sessions.

It was a 2 hour workshop and time really passed by so quickly as Marlina and I were enjoying and also getting stressed out over our artwork. We have not had the luxury of sitting down and working our art juices for leisure for a long time.  Sure, we have done lots of art sessions with children but it was more facilitating rather than being completely immersed and involved in the process. I must say it was really therapeutic for me and I might start blocking time out for myself and call it “Arty Hour”.

Serious at workPeary daysCloud surprise

Joseph started off by explaining to us the different ways to screen print and showed us some of the lovely works from his other class as well as his own. He also gave us tips where we should look out for in our drawings so that we could get the outcome that we wanted. We took a while drawing our pictures and transferring it to the screen and blocking out spaces with a filler. Almost an hour and a half and passed by and we were finally done with all that prepping.

Voilà, c’est fini.

Screen Print design
Check these cuties out!

We were very excited and happy with the print on our bags. And after class, we went off to get supplies to make more prints. Keep tuning in…

Thank you so much, Joseph, for conducting such an enjoyable and memorable workshop for us.



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