Our first sibling collaborative painting session

My son A found this wooden race car model from the Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris museum and was really insistent on painting it.


As a justification for being overindulging, i got it for him with plans for trying out the kids’ first collaborative painting exercise on the poor race car. So after the usual excitement of starting a new project, we started…. A painted his favorite red on the top and M mixed her paints to paint her wheels (she got a nice swirly marble effect).


5 mins in, A was in tears because his little sister painted her swirly mixed paint on top of “HIS” red hood. Peace was restored after an apology from M and some tissues to wipe off the offending swirly mess off “his” red hood. A carefully reapplied his red and i decided to split the car in two halves, and assigned one half to each toddler. 20 mins and 3 further arguments later…..the finished piece: 


 Not too shabby and not too painful for a first collaborative piece! I think i will plan more collaborative art work in future!


Toddlers Art Workshop in November at Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris Art Academy


This November, Jelly Bean Attic will be hosting a series of art sessions for toddlers at the gorgeous Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris Art Academy.

Play and art is an incredible experience for little tots, giving them room to be themselves and letting them explore the world around them through different colours and textures.
Our sessions will focus on process art. It’s all about the experience the children have while they’re creating rather than the outcome. Process art promotes:
– Creativity and self-expression
– Spatial reasoning- Fine motor skills
– Gross motor skills and coordination
– Sensory exploration

All materials will be provided. You’ll get to take home your little one’s creations too!

Spaces are limited so sign up soon!

Age Group: 18-36 months
Price: $100 for all 4 sessions or $28 per session. (Each child to be accompanied by 1 adult)
Duration: 60 mins
Dates: 9, 16, 23, 30 November 2015
Time: 10am
Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris Art Academy, Fort Canning Arts Centre, 5 Cox Terrace, Singapore 179620

Please bring along kids change of clothes and drinking bottle.

To sign up or enquire about our art sessions, contact Sharon Sim at 9099 0955 or email us at JellyBeanAttic@gmail.com.

Visit http://www.pinacotheque.com.sg for more details about the Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris museum.

Registration form_Toddlers Art Workshop_November 2015