Our first sibling collaborative painting session

My son A found this wooden race car model from the Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris museum and was really insistent on painting it.


As a justification for being overindulging, i got it for him with plans for trying out the kids’ first collaborative painting exercise on the poor race car. So after the usual excitement of starting a new project, we started…. A painted his favorite red on the top and M mixed her paints to paint her wheels (she got a nice swirly marble effect).


5 mins in, A was in tears because his little sister painted her swirly mixed paint on top of “HIS” red hood. Peace was restored after an apology from M and some tissues to wipe off the offending swirly mess off “his” red hood. A carefully reapplied his red and i decided to split the car in two halves, and assigned one half to each toddler. 20 mins and 3 further arguments later…..the finished piece: 


 Not too shabby and not too painful for a first collaborative piece! I think i will plan more collaborative art work in future!


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