Sunday family fun

Its a hazy Sunday morning and the husband and i decided to try something different to entertain the kids (and feed them breakfast at the same time!). We had initially planned to go to¬†one of those make your own pancake places that are becoming popular. But then we thought, how hard can it be to DIY ? Just add some color to some pancake batter? Seems logical? so that’s exactly what we did :


We just used our regular food coloring and added to our batter, SIMPLE! The kids got to pick the color they liked, and we put them in squidgy bottles. And away they went with the batter:


A did a house (or his version of a house)


M did a colorful triangle


Daddy did a person


And the kids HAPPILY ate their pancakes after! Success!! The kids were so excited and had so much fun “drawing” in the pan. Had to admit both daddy and mummy also had fun! Guess this might just become a regular activity in our household!