Graffiti Art Workshop at the Museum


Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris recently launched a new collection called Pressionism:Graffiti Masterpieces on Canvas. Riding on the same theme, today’s workshop for the toddlers was about Graffiti. We started the morning with the kids doodling on a large black paper with bright and vibrant liquid chalk and chalk. We talked about the scribbles and the colors they made on the paper. It was a good time for them to warm to each other and also to ease into the activity for the morning.

I did a slide show to run through a brief history of what graffiti was about and showed moms and kids pictures of various types of graffiti and then proceeded to introduce a few techniques of graffiti art which I felt was age appropriate.

We did scratching, doodling, spraying and stenciling for this class on cardboard boxes so that there would be a sturdy and large surface for them to work on. We installed the 3 pieces of board together to create a house structure like how most graffitis that we see today are like…mostly on walls of a building.

Here are some of the pictures we took during the workshop and if you would like to know more about our art workshop, please click on this link. Toddler Art Workshop at the Museum


Ice Cream Play Dough

Ting-a-ling: The ice cream man is here!

It’s been quite a busy start of the year with the children returning to school. While we have been doing sensory play such as dinosaur fossils and jello play dough, I did not get a chance to write a blog on those. Will leave that for another blog post.

Any how, the kids and I did something fun today. I have been trying to do this Ice Cream Play Dough for a while and was holding back because I wasn’t confident that it would work. I saw this other blog that uses pre-made frosting and icing sugar. I tweaked it a little with what I have at home and hoped it would work and it did!!

One thing that I am not sure is how long the dough will last before it turns bad or attracts ants. I will post an update on this next week!

Here are the ingredients we used:

  • Premade frosting
  • Icing Sugar
  • Cake Flour


I used my Kitchenaid mixer and to mix up the frosting and icing sugar together and as it mixes up, you’ll see the texture turning dry. I decided to add cake flour to it as I thought it would be a waste to use up all that lovely icing sugar and I had “old” cake flour sitting in the pantry. It worked. Perhaps next time I might try using all of cake flour instead of about 70% icing sugar and 30% cake flour.

You know when it is ready when the mixer slows down as it gets heavy and it comes together. When it’s done, put the “ice cream dough” into boxes and pull out the ice cream scoop.

The texture looks so much like ice cream and the kids really had a fantastic time scooping it out and then decorating them.

I used some cupcake holders as little cups and also took out some sprinkles to make it more real. The kids had great fun and we will continue tomorrow. We are looking at different variations such as using food coloring to make the “ice cream” colored and perhaps also some food essence to make it smell nice.

We might also take out ice cream cones and scoop some “ice cream” and have an ice cream party.

2 things to take note doing this activity:

  • It smells so nice and is totally edible that L keeps tasting it. Please watch the younger ones and those with sweet tooth.
  •  It can get a bit flaky, so remember to have a mat on the floor to catch those little bits.

I hope you will try this and will enjoy it as much as my kids did.


Happy Kids