Graffiti Art Workshop at the Museum


Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris recently launched a new collection called Pressionism:Graffiti Masterpieces on Canvas. Riding on the same theme, today’s workshop for the toddlers was about Graffiti. We started the morning with the kids doodling on a large black paper with bright and vibrant liquid chalk and chalk. We talked about the scribbles and the colors they made on the paper. It was a good time for them to warm to each other and also to ease into the activity for the morning.

I did a slide show to run through a brief history of what graffiti was about and showed moms and kids pictures of various types of graffiti and then proceeded to introduce a few techniques of graffiti art which I felt was age appropriate.

We did scratching, doodling, spraying and stenciling for this class on cardboard boxes so that there would be a sturdy and large surface for them to work on. We installed the 3 pieces of board together to create a house structure like how most graffitis that we see today are like…mostly on walls of a building.

Here are some of the pictures we took during the workshop and if you would like to know more about our art workshop, please click on this link. Toddler Art Workshop at the Museum


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