Just 10 items – Must Have Art Supplies for Toddlers

The Jellybean Attic moms have been doing arts and crafts with their kids for several years and we have a few of our favorites that we would like to share with new moms and moms who would like to create an art corner but are overwhelmed with all the supplies they see in the art store. This is a general list but the most important thing to remember is that art is a process and not a product.

  1. A shelf or cabinet to store art supplies. But if space is a constraint, a wine crate or drawer (e.g. Muji detachable drawers)

  2. Paper: Different color, size (printer paper is easy for doodling and scribbling), weight (cardboard, cardstock, watercolor paper are good for painting)
  3. Glue: white glue and glue sticks, glue gun (to be used by adult only)
  4. Scissors for cutting
  5. Paint: Acrylic, tempera, finger
  6. Paint brushes, sponge, comb, toothbrush
  7. Crayons, markers, chalks (chalks are great for indoors and outdoors)
  8. Threads, yarn, sequins, google eyes
  9. Recycled Materials: Egg carton, jars for paint, paper tubes, tissue box, etc
  10. Nature: Leaves, sticks, flowers, rocks, seashells, etc

That’s all for now and we hope that we have simplified the list and made it easier to get started.  Do share with us your little one creations as we will share more ideas and art inspirations.

Happy art and crafting!