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art supplies

In one of our earlier blog posts about the 10 essential must have art supplies for Toddlers, we thought we could follow-up with where to find these art supplies. To read more on the 10 must haves art supplies for toddlers, click here.

We have our favorite places for getting art supplies in Singapore. Some places have the brands that you are comfortable with and some places sell in small quantities. The three of us enjoy shopping for art supplies to create our kits or letting our children explore them and create art pieces with them.  Where’s your favorite place to get art and craft supplies for kids?

Please note that these are our personal preference and we do not get any financial incentive from these businesses.

One of our favorite places is Daiso. It’s a thrift store here and they have several outlets spread across the island. Every item is S$2 and it has everything one needs from household wares to beauty, gardening, pets and tools. There’s always something interesting at the store to bring home. The items are packed in small quantities so if you want to try out some items with your child, it’s a great place to get your supplies. One thing to note is that the items might not be evergreen as it comes in a big batch and when it’s sold out, you might have to wait or find a substitute. Here’s a list of items you could most probably find at Daiso.
– Googly eyes
– Feathers
– Beads
– Glue, scotch tape, washi tape
– Scissors (find one that has a rounded tip and small for little hands)
– Crayon, paint, brushes, markers, color pencils
– Small sized paper of different colors, prints, texture

Another favorite place, but pricier is Spotlight. If you are headed to town, Spotlight is located at Plaza Singapura, Level 5. You can find brands like crayola, or bigger bags of pom poms and beads. Sign up to be a member and you do get discounts/vouchers and VIP prices. Membership is free.

For paper supplies, we usually head to Ikea or Popular to get them. A roll of drawing paper that is 30 m can last your child for a while and it costs $9.90. Here’s the list of items at Ikea site:
– Apron
– Beads
– Scissors
– Construction Paper and Paper rolls
– Markers, Chalk, Paint, Crayons, Paints, Color pencils

At Ikea, you could also find the kids table and chairs as well as a simple drawer or box to keep their art supplies.

At Popular Bookstore, you could get more varieties of art supplies. Different brands of color pencils, paints and crayons. You could also find kids sized scissors and foam sheets and shaped craft sponges for stamping activities.

If you can wait and don’t mind doing internet shopping, there is Amazon. The great thing about Amazon is that it ships free to Singapore (please note the terms and conditions for free shipping). I usually collate the items that I need into the cart and when that minimum spend is met, I check out. The delivery can take between 2-3 weeks if it is available and during off peak season. I do think they have great discounts during the holiday season like Black Fridays and it might be good to do your Christmas shopping and art supplies all at once.

I occasionally head to ArtFriend to get other supplies but I think that for a start, Daiso and Ikea is a great place to get your art supplies.

Besides buying art supplies, you could also make them or recycle items. Follow us on our blog to read more of these in the near future.

Do share with us your favorite places to get art and craft supplies for kids and share with us your kids creations over facebook.

Happy making!


art supplies


Homemade dough recipes from the kitchen – Part 1

Open ended play with homemade model magic


Here at Jelly Bean Attic, we do a lot of cooking for our kids, family, friends and in the name of au naturel art supplies.

Every now and then, we come across some fantastic recipes to make non-toxic art supplies for kids.

Though we may not have experimented on every single one from pinterest or art blogs, we have got some favorites that we whip up at the kitchen for our kids every now and then.

Older kids could also try making their own paints, dough or clay as they will get a chance to learn a little about math and science as it covers measurements, temperature, energy transformation, etc.

In this blog, we will cover various types of dough that you can do with your kids depending on your objectives and ingredients that are available in your pantry.  In Part 2 and Part 3, we will cover homemade paints, and play ideas.

Homemade Dough Recipes:

Play Dough on Tinymindsatplay
Jell-O dough on Modernparentsmessykids
Salt Clay dough on Imagination Tree
Cloud dough on HappyHooligans
Sand dough on Popsugar
Ice cream Dough
Model Magic adapted from Kristi’s recipe
This was an accidental discovery as I used potato starch instead of cornflour. You could still use cornflour but the texture will vary slightly from potato starch. With potato starch, the dough is a little stretchier and I find that it dries faster. Some findings and observations:
a. I tried adding peppermint extract and the overall smell was not pleasant. It smells ok without any food extract.
b. If you would like to add food coloring, I suggest adding the color to the water and mixing it rather than adding the color after cooking as it takes a long time to get the color completely blended in. Its ok if you forget to add the coloring beforehand. The marbling effect as your’re kneading the color into the dough is also equally awesome!

For busy parents or parents who are not kitchen savvy, we have readymade craft kits that can be purchased from our website.

Ocean Treasure Chest

This is a thematic craft kit that includes waterbeads, ocean related toys, balloons, embellishments, etc. You can read more about this kit here.

Basic Craft Kit

This is a starter kit with scented play dough and random embellishments. Creations are left to a child’s imagination. Make up stories with your child about the objects your child has made.

Homemade Scented Play dough

These are sold separately and freshly made. They can last up to 6 months if stored in an airtight container. You can make some on your own based on our recipe above or just order a few more whenever you need them as party favors or include them as part of your own art kit for travelling or parties.

We hope these recipes will be helpful in making sensory play for your little one.
Please remember that adult supervision is still required.

In part 2, our blog will feature homemade paints and here’s the link to see that post

Mommies at Jelly Bean Attic

Free E-booklet: Ocean Activities for the Home



The theme for our toddler art workshop at Singapore Art Museum this June was Ocean. It has been a successful event so far as most of our classes are sold out and we wanted families who missed a chance to join us at the workshop to be able to try out some of the activities with their children at home.


We created an e-booklet with 4 activity ideas and provided some reading resources that you could read to your little one. For homeschooling families, this could be used as part of an introduction to learning about the ocean. The e-booklet has ideas for play, arts and crafts and books you could borrow from the local library.

As moms, we understand getting supplies and storing art supplies can take up a lot of time to find them and it takes up space. To make it hassle free, we put together a variety of sensory and tactile items into a kit that can be purchased via online.

We are putting the e-booklet online free for everyone. We hope you will find it fun and meaningful. Ocean Treasure Chest Activity Kit Booklet

If you would like to purchase the activity kits, please click here to visit our store.