Free E-booklet: Ocean Activities for the Home



The theme for our toddler art workshop at Singapore Art Museum this June was Ocean. It has been a successful event so far as most of our classes are sold out and we wanted families who missed a chance to join us at the workshop to be able to try out some of the activities with their children at home.


We created an e-booklet with 4 activity ideas and provided some reading resources that you could read to your little one. For homeschooling families, this could be used as part of an introduction to learning about the ocean. The e-booklet has ideas for play, arts and crafts and books you could borrow from the local library.

As moms, we understand getting supplies and storing art supplies can take up a lot of time to find them and it takes up space. To make it hassle free, we put together a variety of sensory and tactile items into a kit that can be purchased via online.

We are putting the e-booklet online free for everyone. We hope you will find it fun and meaningful. Ocean Treasure Chest Activity Kit Booklet

If you would like to purchase the activity kits, please click here to visit our store.






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