From the Kitchen – Part 2

Hi there!

In our last post, we shared some of our favorite recipes for homemade dough. The ingredients are usually available in your pantry and how easy it is to whip up these homemade dough. It’s definitely economically cheaper, takes a couple of minutes if you already have the ingredients at hand and best of all, it’s non-toxic. If you would like to read more about our homemade dough recipes, click here.

In today’s post, we want to share with you homemade paint recipes that you can easily make as well. We have done ice painting in our art in the park with toddlers and that was a hit as well as marbling using shaving foam at our toddler workshop at the museum. These are very sensory activities for babies and toddlers and making them is pretty much fuss free.

ice painting

Ice painting on Kids Activities blog
Puffy paint on Happy Hooligans
Whipped cream paint on The Three Bears Get Crafty
Edible paint on Play Learn Imagination
Salt and flour paint on Tinker Lab
Sidewalk Chalk paint on Kids Stuff World
Shaving foam paint on The Imagination Tree
Watercolor paints on Artful Parent
Body paint on Pink Stripey Socks

There are other interesting homemade paint such as window paint and glow in the dark paint but I haven’t tried them out and when I do, I’ll sure to let you know how it went.

With these easy to find ingredients and simple steps, I am sure that once you get started, you won’t stop!

In Part 3, we will share with you how to make other interesting art materials.

If you do know of any other exciting recipes, please share with us. We’d love to hear from you.


shaving foam

homemade paint

edible paint 3



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