Baking with kids – Delicious Banana and Coconut Muffin

FeaturedIn our household, we have a bad habit of keeping a couple of bananas and forgetting about them. So when it gets too ripe, one of the easiest and simplest thing we do at home is to turn it into banana bread or banana muffin. Last week, we had some left over bananas that were too ripe hiding in our pantry and it was after dinner and my 5 year old and I decided to make some muffins for breakfast for the following day.

We love using coconut oil to make our muffins and I found this delicious recipe online.  The recipe calls for using a mixer but my 5 year old mixed all the ingredients on her own without a machine. She peeled the bananas, mashed them, measured the flour, sugar and coconut oil and I helped her with the rest of the ingredients. As the mixture is fairly wet, it is easy for a child to stir and mix.

I took pictures of the muffins but forgot to take pictures of when my girl was making them as I was helping her with making some measurements and my hand was messy. I find making muffins a simple and easy activity to get a child into baking. Setting up the work area and ingredients before hand is also helpful and more organized but because it was an impromptu decision, I didn’t get a chance to prepare before hand. This activity gives the child the opportunity to measure, mix, stir and appreciate how pastries are made. More importantly,  she is happy to eat them as she knows she made them! My boy has also asked to make some muffins. Here’s another excuse for us to “forget” eating the bananas.

Oh…I love getting pretty looking cupcake and muffin cases. On a serious note, for our family, cooking is a life skill and we want our kids to be comfortable in the kitchen. And we find baking with kids is a good start.

I hope you find this article encouraging to start baking with your little ones.


Here are some of our pictures of the muffin.






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