The latest fad in the house


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We are quite careful about buying toys for our children. Firstly, there’s real estate constraint . Secondly, we learn from experience that not all toys are made for kids (we prefer open ended toys) and lastly, sometimes there’s just no chemistry between the child and the toy. I believe most parents face similar issue or issues.

My children receive presents once in a while and we let them decide whether it’s something similar to what they have and could be donated away or passed on to a friend. Periodically, they also go through their belongings and decide which ones are no longer relevant or are broken. It’s increasingly difficult for my second one to give away toys as he is into things that move and all his possessions are mostly that. We will continue to encourage him to streamline his toys; and if my strategy works, I will post online to share what I did.  If you do have a strategy that worked with your child, do share with me.

Anyway, to get the point, of all the toys that’s in my house, the Magna Tiles is one of the most played with toys. They come in squares and triangles in different shapes and they have magnets on their sides. My children love building car showrooms and they become architects building their showrooms or castles whenever they play with it. They will have their toy cars rolling on the tiles, pretending that they were roads. They love breaking it down, rebuilding something new and different each time. This set of toy doesn’t bore them at all and I believe its because it’s a toy that gives a child the ability to construct a building and with its attractive colors, it’s sure to keep the children occupied for hours. We have the transparent colored set and we recently used it to learn color mixing. We stacked the primary colors together to create a secondary color. My 5 year old was really impressed when we tried this together in our last play and she began to stack various colors together. As a parent, I give this toy an A because it is educational and it also promotes creativity to the children. I understand that one of the kindergartens also have these toys and the kids love it. My nephew was so happy when he dropped by and said that he played it in school.

play_1Please note that the above recommendation is based on my personal experience and play with my children.

If you have kids who like building, I think this is a great toy to have. Even the grown ups have a great time playing with it.




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