Five stones

featuredOld school or vintage toys are slowly making a comeback, and one of our favorites are our handmade five stones. We decided to do this blog as lots of people when they purchase our five stones ask for a quick demo on how to play. Well, we’re pretty rusty ourselves, our five stones playing skills just aren’t how they used to be back then. So we have added some links to some you tube videos for your convenience on the different stages of playing five stones. We found a couple of videos, though their stages 6-10 seems to vary a little. But have fun playing with whatever version you follow.

Five stones stages option 1

Five stones stages option 2

And if you are interested in making a purchase, just click the link below to go to our shop.


Five stones purchase

We also sell our self designed five stones in a clutch bag that comes with an appliqued tic tac toe grid and 2 sets of five stones. You will end up with 2 old school games in one clutch bag.


Five stones / tic tac toe clutch bag

Have fun!


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