Family Furniture DIY Project

Lately the children seem a little bored of the usual medium we have been using for painting, so i was thinking about what could i use that would be fun for the children to paint on. Just so happens what we needed some collapsible shelves for when we do our ironing. Husband and i decided to just attempt to DIY our first shelves together as a family.

SO, take a deep breath and……

Step 1, take measurements (husband’s specialty)

Step 2, Get some collapsible hinges from the hardware store and make a trip down to a workshop and buy some plywood cut to our measurements. (Also husband’s specialty)

Step 3, the fun bit – Painting!! We used acrylic paints, and let the kids decide what colors they want to use. Leave it to dry (preferably overnight), especially since my little M decided to splatter and drizzle paint as her finishing touch (i thought it looked very artistic and abstract).


Paint the underside and again leave to dry.

Step 4, finish with a few layers of shellac, (we applied 3 layers). The shellac seems to bring the colors to “life” and it becomes very vibrant.


Step 5, install and admire the new shelves. Daddy and A had a blast doing their measurements and breaking out the power drill……

Snapseed (36)

The kids absolutely enjoyed this project and were super proud of their artwork, they keep asking us whether we need to make more shelves. This project seems a tad bit daunting in the beginning, but as with all DIY projects, just go for it and enjoy the process!




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