Plush Craft – working on those fine motor skills for a preschooler

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newfindWe were at Hamley’s (it’s a large toy store at Plaza Singapura) over the weekend and we picked up something interesting for Sophie. It’s a DIY purse from Plush Craft by Orb Factory. Though I was hesitant to get it for Sophie because it was expensive (S$24.90) and I felt it might limit her creativity with all that numbering, I wanted her to try something that required her to focus and follow instructions. In anycase, this week, my focus was getting her to focus on following instructions and stumbling onto this item helped me achieve that objective.

Prior to getting down to doing an activity, I always have a large tray to set up the required materials. This activity was no different. Out from the box, the fabric were all mixed up and so we got down to sorting the colors (4 colors) and grouping them. After sorting them out, I read to Sophie the instructions that each dot had a number and it represented a color. For example, number 1 represents white fabric. With a pen that they provided, she started by matching the fabric to the correct number and poking it into each hole.

As she was doing it, I wanted very much to try and so did my 3 year old boy. We ended up asking Sophie if we could have a try. I found it very therapeutic and Luke was so pleased that he was able to do it. The box indicated that this activity was for 5 years and above. I guess Luke is ready to try it though he is a little younger. Just remember that there are small parts (the beaded stickers) and adult supervision is required. I am thinking of getting one for Luke, but a plush pillow instead of a purse.

I found that Amazon carries them and some of those kits are eligible for free shipping to Singapore.  Below is a few recommended items that we intend to purchase that ships to Singapore. I have also included the precious purse that we got from Hamleys, but unfortunately, that one does not ship to Singapore. But if you’re from the US, please feel free to use our affiliate link to get the item and we really appreciate your support.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project as did Sophie. We started in the morning for about 20 minutes before heading out to church and continued after her nap for another 2 hours. She was distracted occasionally but she didn’t find the activity mundane at all. She really loved the journey and of course the final product. I think this might be one of our Christmas gifts ideas to our friends and a children’s charity organization.

Affiliated links in this post.
Here are the items that we are eyeing:

Teddy Bear Pillow
Fancy Fish Pillow
Foxy Pillow
Precious Purse – unfortunately, this does not ship to Singapore



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