1st attempt at a Bento Box

So racial harmony day is here again, and i asked my kids what they would like to pack to school for their class this year. Thought it would a be a great idea to get them to look through my recipe books to choose what they would like, and to my horror (i obviously forgot i had this book), they picked….

IMG_4573Specifically, my son wanted a mushroom sushi and my daughter wanted candy sushi…(this is when i did a silent scream inside), and next thing i knew, i agreed to make it for them…. so here is my attempt at mushroom and candy sushi…

I have to say Miss Shirley Wong’s instructions are really detailed and very accurate. I had a go last year when i first got the book, and Miss smarty me thought i could just wing it and not follow her instructions exactly. Obviously that was a complete and utter disaster, so much so, that i banished the book to the back of the shelf, till the kids found it again this week. So armed with renewed determination, i followed her instructions EXACTLY. For those who wants to have a go, heed my lesson and follow exactly what Miss Wong says and spend some time reading the first few pages as well. The only thing i changed was some of the ingredients to color the rice, since my kids don’t like fishy or seafood flavors.

The easier of the 2 designs is the candy, much easier, and i manage to do the middle section without any difficulty. (excuse my grainy pictures for this post, i was literally making sushi till 10 mins before we had to leave for school) But i manage to succeed with making candy!! Super pleased with myself! I added normal pink food coloring to get the pink, instead of using what the book recommended.

Moving on with the dreaded mushrooms…this is definitely much much harder, and making the individual rods for the mushrooms spots took REALLY long, and was really fiddly. It definitely didn’t turn out half as nice as Miss Wong’s, HOWEVER, the good news it that the rods don’t have to be perfect to have a good outcome. Again for the coloring, i used carrot juice to cook the rice to make the orange color. For the stalk of the mushrooms, i added mashed eggs into the carrot rice to get the more yellow color.

Remember to cut off the uneven edges before slicing the rolls.


Its not as crisp, and the edges not as clean, but not too bad as my 1st attempt no?

I even convinced my husband to make some pandas. Was a good thing i had a panda mold and he manage to make some pandas for the kids. Making the pandas are straight forward, just press the rice into the mold (wet the mold beforehand to prevent rice from sticking), stamp out the seaweed pieces and “stick” it on the panda to make their eyes, ears and mouth.

Final outcome:

I might attempt to make another sushi next time…. stay tuned….


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