Reading to Children – Part 3 Reference books for preschoolers

Reference books for preschoolers?! Why would preschoolers read or even need “reference” books?! Well, am no tiger mom (at least i don’t think i am..), but when my boy was little, and before he had the concentration to focus on a story, he would leaf through these books and look at the pictures. I would read the captions or the little short descriptions next to the pictures, and it was really engaging for him. As he grew older, he would make sure i didn’t miss out anything when reading to him.

The books are actually very child friendly, with lots of pictures and descriptions are short enough for the kids to understand and hold their focus. With constant reading it’s pretty amazing what they are able to pick up. I literally must have read his favorite dinosaur book a good 50 times so far…least he is now well versed in all the different dinosaurs and whether they are a carnivore or herbivore or omnivore.

National geographic and animal planet have great magazines for kids with wonderful pictures and some activities as well.

Other family favorites are the lift a flap books, which are huge fun for them as well. They would race to open the flaps and get me to read.

We found a series on life cycles of different animals, and was a great introduction to the children on the different life cycles of various animals.

Miles Kelly does a great range of books with great graphics and fun and interesting descriptions.


But we saved our favorite till last… we found this really fun and interactive book that the kids absolutely love!  The pictures are “darken” and you need a “torch light” to see the animals.

As with all children, pick books with topics that will interest your children. Its pretty obvious what my boy loves, my daughter loves the ocean as well, but her absolute favorite are horses and ponies, i can only imagine the mountain of books i would have if unicorns actually existed….. i wonder what my youngest would like in the future….


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