Malty Choc Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are one of our favorite things to bake. Generally, most choc chip cookie recipes are simple with relatively few ingredients, hence its suitable as a child’s first few recipes to try out. We have tried out different recipes over the years for chocolate chip cookies, but we wanted to share this particular favorite of ours. This easy malty choc chip cookie recipes is extra yummy (in our opinion) as it has one of our favorite drinks inside…… Horlicks! The horlicks really give the cookie more “body” and as the name mentions, a malty taste….yummm.

Here is the link for the malty choc chip cookie recipe. Malty Choc Chip recipe

We usually don’t keep a ready stock of golden caster sugar at home, so i usually just “pretend” that its brown sugar and add up both quantities when measuring out my brown sugar. Also if am baking to give my parents (who dislike anything remotely sweet), i half the amount of sugar and choc chips as a reduced sugar alternative.

My little chef-ling actually enjoys weighing out all the individual ingredients and using the electric mixer, we have a kitchen aid, but he always find it more fun and prefers to use and hold on to the electric mixer.

We normally use cookie cutters to make the shapes, we spread out the dough into a big rectangle piece on the tray and cut out the shapes when it comes out of the oven before it cools. However, this time, we decided to try free form cookies, and my chef-ling had great fun making different shapes with his spoon (with some help from his fingers as well….). I basically told him to do whatever he wants, just make sure there isn’t any holes….


On the other hand, i obviously didn’t think through this enough, as some were thick and some were thin, so they were unevenly brown…. still taste great though! Here is our yummy outcome…….

Happy weekend everyone!



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