5 Fun Painting Ideas for Toddlers – Part 1

Painting is great fun for kids, not only does it give the kids space and opportunity to be creative and explore, they also learn mixing, making new colors, improve their fine motor skills when using the brush etc. But not all toddlers will be receptive to painting in the beginning, especially when given a brush. Most toddlers, won’t be able to, and will not be interested in painting with a brush. So here are our top 5 favorite ways to get the kids painting using other tools.

  1. Marble painting

This is one of our favorite ways to get them painting and exploring colors. It is also easy to do and the mess is contained in the containers you use. All you need are marbles, golf balls, ping pong balls etc, a container or muffin tins for the paint, and a large container big enough to put a sheet of drawing paper at the bottom. The container need not be too high, and not too heavy that the child can’t shake it. Drop some balls into the paint container and move them onto the paper. Then SHAKE! For those who don’t like to get paint on their hands, use a spoon to transfer the ball to the container or you could add the paint on the paper directly and then the balls.

We did marble painting during one of our art classes awhile ago and the kids just kept “painting” sheet after sheet of paper and had super a lot of fun.

2 Painting with toys

OK, this might sound totally horrifying to some parents, and yes, there will be a mess, plus the toys to clean up…. HOWEVER, the kids really really enjoy this. Pick out some plastic toys that can be easily washed after and just let them dip the toys in paint and watch them have fun. Our favorite are making footprints with animals or dinosaurs, and tracks with our different cars, trains and planes. For the more adventurous parents, why not let the kids “race” their vehicles down a loooong strip of paper.

3. Stamping with fruits and vegetables

This is a great sensory activity for the toddlers, and it also serves as a good start if you want to introduce new or different fruits and vegetables to the children. You could cut up the fruits and vegetables in different ways with your child and explore the different shapes that you could make. Our favorites are the different citrus as they smell nice and their favorite vegetable shapes are lotus roots, broccoli and lady’s fingers.


This was another toddler art workshop where we did vegetable printing…

4. Sponge painting / stamping

We found some fun and inexpensive sponges from popular bookshop. It comes in a variety of basic shapes like circles, hearts etc, but it also comes in various animal shapes. Some has a handle so its easier for the younger ones to hold on to it. I even used some cheap foundation sponges i found in Daiso… whatever works.

Art friend also sell bigger stamps with a more “ergonomic” handle, of course, these would be more expensive, but i can’t resist these cute footprint set.


5. Hand and feet painting

Again, this will sound horrific to some parents, and the mess is pretty awful i must admit. I contain them in a given area and have some wet towels at the ready, so they have to clean their hands and feet before leaving the designated spot. There is something about paint and little hands and feet that no toddler is able to resist. They HAVE to mix the colors, and squish the paint between their fingers and toes. Super fun!

And if you would to capture their “artwork” on a more unique medium, why not try getting them to paint a lampshade? We found some inexpensive ones from Ikea, and makes a cute toddler art keepsake.

IMG_1087 (1)

Happy painting everyone!


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