We love Future World – Where Art Meets Science


Our family enjoys heading to the Art Science Museum and we usually go first thing on a Saturday morning to avoid the crowd. Our key destination was to Future World, Where Art Meets Science at 10am. It’s a permanent exhibition at the museum which I was told that they would most likely be there for  3 years. There were few people at that time and that makes it extra pleasant for younger children because I don’t get worried about them getting lost in the mass of people or bumped into very enthusiastic older children running around the place.

I’m not going to cover all the areas that they have in this exhibition, just our favorites and what we did on one Saturday morning. The kids skip some areas because of their age and likely their mood of the day and I need to keep my eyes on my little ones instead of wandering off to take photos of the place. 🙂

The entrance is dark, but after a short walk, we walk into a large screen displaying moving waves drawn in a Japanese style that proves to be very hypnotic and the children love jumping onto the bean bags to soak in the tranquility for a couple of minutes before bouncing off to the next activity. My husband and I would love to chill out in front of this screen and zone out the whole morning. Ha! Dream on!20160730_101404The next stop that the kids love going is decorating the town scene and the ocean scene by coloring printed pictures and scanning them into a machine which transforms 2D picture into 3D. While Luke is less enthusiastic about the town scene because there’s a blue dragon that roars quite loudly on screen and that frightens him, Sophie is thrilled to decorate the town with houses, firetrucks, vans, buses, etc. And when Sophie is done with the town scene, she moves on to under the ocean theme. Though there are crayons provided onsite, I usually carry my own set of colored markers and so we use those markers to create vibrant pictures. For me, I usually use a black marker to doodle and scribble the picture. If you spot the turtle with black markings, that’s my husband’s attempt at cubism on an turtle.


While Sophie and I are busy doodling, scanning and admiring our work on the screen, Luke will be busy with the light ball orchestra area and also another large screen where there are falling hieroglyphic characters to create your own picture digitally. It’s called Story of the Time When Gods Were Everywhere. Sophie joins Luke after she’s done with her doodling and expends her energy jumping at the hieroglyphic characters or chasing and bouncing the light balls. This is a very good activity for them to work out their energy before heading off for lunch. The falling characters allows the children to decipher what it means. For example, Luke only chooses to fire symbols because he wants to see the fire appear on the screen. I enjoy the bird characters and seeing the flock of birds flying across the screen. It is very therapeutic for me and the kids enjoy chasing the characters. It’s a very pleasant experience where the children and I really enjoy.

We finish the visit when we walk into “Space”. This is a really narrow pathway and people are prohibited from touching the lights. It’s good to give the kids a heads up prior to entering though the staff would remind you, children may get overly excited and run into the room. My kids don’t really appreciate the lights and the lighting effect but get the thrill of walking through them. Here’s a couple of artistic shots taken by my husband.




I hope you enjoy this little post and hopefully if you have not had the chance to visit the exhibit, I urge you to take a little trip and see for yourself. It’s inspiring and amazing.



To get tickets to the exhibit, here’s the link.

Oh, and if you think you’ll be there more often, they offer annual membership. We signed up for a family season pass for $150 that admits 2 adults and 2 children ages 2-12.




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