Superhero Cape Tutorial

Pretend play is an important part of a child’s learning, with pretend play, they not only have fun, but also learn social skills, self regulation etc, and get to be imaginative as well. I try to encourage pretend play as much as possible, so when my boy asked for a superhero cape, i promised to make him one since

a. store bought ones are expensive and

b. he specifically wanted a Spiderman cape (his favorite).

So here are the steps:

  1. I got some fleece from spotlight, and i didn’t do any measurements, just pretty much held it up again him and marked down how long i wanted it to be. I folded the fleece in half and drew out half the cape, so when i cut it, it is still symmetrical.
  2. Sew a simple over lock stitch around the edgesIMG_4537
  3. Again, i eyeballed how long i wanted the ribbon to be, and just sewed it to the top of the cape and we have the skeleton of our cape done!

IMG_4538      4. I was going to cut out a square of a spiderman fabric i have, but my son wanted to draw his own spider man, so i cut out a piece of plain calico instead

IMG_9815     5.  Gave him some fabric crayons (i got mine from Muji), and off he went drawing his spiderman.

6.  I found some iron on vehicles (from my usual shopping ground – Daiso) and he arranged them around his picture, and i helped him iron them on.

IMG_9819       7. Sewed the finished picture all around onto the cape and we have our very own spiderman cape! Apparently i forgot to sew him a sword……



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