Doodling Art Robot Project


We recently got this from the museum shop at Art Science Museum after visiting Future World exhibit. I don’t know what got into me getting this doodling robot but I thought it was really cool to try it out with the kids. Though the box says it’s for ages 8 and above, I was intimidated by it after opening the box.

So while the kids were napping, I opened it and decided to go through the instructions and have a first cut of it before doing it with my kids. First off, I am totally clueless about gadgets and putting these things together but hey, if a 8 year can do, so can I. Truth be told, I had to read the instructions about 5 times and needed to confirm my understanding with my husband. Hence the confidence in putting it together when the kids woke up.

I took about 20 minutes to put it together. You’ll need to get your own AA battery and also screwdriver. The kids were patient watching me. My daughter helped me sort out the screws, bolts and nuts and other pieces so that I could build it. For once, the kids saw me build a gadget and I hope that changed their perception that only Daddy is Mr Fix It, because Mummy can also do it too!

One reason why I wanted to do this project was to expose the children to the impact of technology to art. These drawing bots or generative art machines are fascinating. And there are a couple of other brands available in the market.  It was really exciting to see this little robot doodling across the paper in spirals and if I changed angles, they could go in a straight line. I foresee our children’s future to include projects like this and this is just a start. I hope this little success in building the doodling robot will give me a little more confidence and doing more of this in the near future.

Here’s a short video that I found on youtube that shows what the doodling robot does.

The box costs $25 at the museum shop but if you get it at Amazon, it is cheaper. Click here for the affiliate link for the product.

I hope this gives confidence to mummies out there who are keen to explore technology but are apprehensive.



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