Moving Fish Paper Craft

I was on FB the other day and came across this cute tutorial on moving fish, it looked super interesting, plus they are both in the ocean phase and love anything regarding fishes and the oceans. Since it seems easy enough for the kids to try, and we had a bit of time before lunch, we decided to give it a go.

Here is the tutorial for those who want to try.

Moving Fish tutorial

I wanted to get the kids to make it on their own as much as possible, and i must say it went pretty well! Goes to show how time has flown by, that they are now able to do a lot of the crafts independently.

Both kids are now confident to use scissors on their own, and they are able to do the straight line cutting required. My older boy is able to cut the mouth and fins by himself (albeit slowly), but my daughter still needed some help in cutting curves.

Other than that, they both had no issues following the simple instructions, they found the coloring of the fish pupils particularly fun (go figure!).

Our end result! They were super proud of their fish and brought it with them for lunch to play with, might have to make more when we get back, doubt the poor fishes will survive lunch and the car ride……


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