Saturday morning up-cycle project

The kids really enjoyed the last family project where they had to paint some wooden shelves Family furniture DIY Project. Since then they kept asking whether we needed more shelves (we didn’t), so almost out of desperation this past weekend, i took out our rather dirty looking and old IKEA step stool, and i said they could paint it. And right about now, i regret that i didn’t take two pictures, the first is a picture of my step stool in all its original “glory” and the second picture is a picture of their faces when i said they could paint the stool anyway they wanted.

Because they were soooooo impatient to start painting and i really did not have any energy to do my usual of getting them to wait properly etc (i was one sleep deprived mommy that day), i decided to omit sandpapering and priming the stool. We’re just going to use the stool for stepping on anyways right? no need to be perfect!

I opened a mat, put the stool in the middle and passed around acrylic paints and brushes to the kids and off they went and off i went to bed for a few more minutes! I promise i am not lying when i say that i left them there for an hour to paint (and yes, my 10 min snooze became an hour snooze). It turned out that it was a good thing i didn’t bother with priming as they used up so much paint, and they kept painting layer over layer, that the “original” colors that they used to paint initially were all covered up by green by the end. Not my choice of color (i mean i gave them TUBES of different colors!), i expected some sort of rainbow stool, but i did leave them alone to paint so i guess i can’t complain. I should be grateful that all the paint used all ended up on the stool and not anywhere else.

Once dry, we flipped it upside down and touched up all the places the children missed and then we applied a couple of layers of shellac to seal and bring the colors out. Now i can only hope that this will satisfy them long enough, i don’t have anything else wooden they can paint at home…..