Grandma’s Present – Whipple Ice Cream?

Our family make it a point to make handmade gifts for family and friends, especially if its from the children. So its nothing new this year that we were suppose to make a handmade present for grandma, but this frazzled mom totally forgot about it till the day before ! Like seriously right? HOW did i manage to forget my mom’s birthday?! Eeeksss! Anyways, we were having lunch at the mall and i got talked into going into TOY R US. In short, in between telling the children NO NO NO to more Legos and Nerf guns, NO NO NO to more Shopkins. What on earth is shopkins anyways? How are you suppose to play with those things??? I digress, but i found this DIY craft range called Whipple.


I had to admit that i was a tad bit skeptical to begin with, i wasn’t sure how “fun” or creative this would be for the children, plus it cost about $20-$30 depending on how big a set you bought. But since time was running out and mom does have a sweet tooth…..

So each set came with the a bag of “Whipple” cream, a practice card where you can practice your swirls. Of course the kids were too impatient to start on the cones rather than practice…. I got my 5 year old to practice a little… and came with some embellishments.


They actually really enjoyed creating their ice creams, of course my 5 year old had better fine motor skills than my 3 year old, so his looked “better”. However, this is still an activity that my 3 year old could do independently by herself as well. They really will have a better outcome if they practiced before hand. Initially i wasn’t sure if they provided enough Whipple cream to lose to practice, but each set is really generous with the Whipple cream, so i say practice practice to have a pretty outcome.

They were so pleased with their ice creams, made them feel so chef like, they even told me that if we did this again, they want to wear their aprons and chef’s hat.

The only gripe i have about is the amount of embelishments. Like really, $20 for the set to make 4 ice creams, and after fairly dividing between the 2 kids, each has a grand total of 5 little little pieces of sparkly beads. Obviously even if you doubled it to 10 pieces per child it is barely enough for them to be satisfied. BUT, if you are a crafty mom or a craft supply hoarder….. nothing a little glitter couldn’t solve!


All in all, was a pretty fun activity, kids and grandma were all super pleased with the results, and i might even be talked into buying more! My daughter is already eyeing the cake sets… and when i was online shopping, Amazon actually has a wider range of Whipple products. Have included the link for those who are interested.

//“>Whipple mix cream party set

//“>Whipple Chocolate suites set

//“>Whipple W-18 Pink Cream Macaron Set Japanese Sample/replica Food Making Kits

And for all the Anna and Elsa fans: //“>Queen set W-71 and snow Whipple Ana


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