Board Games to play with your Preschoolers

Board games are our family favorite, in our busy daily life, we often take for granted that everyone is always going to be around. So we try as best as we can to schedule in family game time weekly, usually on a Sunday afternoon…and its a time that we all really enjoy and definitely times that my husband and I value and treasure immensely. So we wanted to share with you some of our family favorite board games, and hope you can share your family favorites too!


I never knew till i had kids that monopoly comes in sets for little people. Its pretty much the same basic rules of buying property when you land on the square, you also get a chance card when its your birthday, and you still can end up in jail etc. But minus all the complicated other rules on selling and buying property, even the chance cards are all simplified. In monopoly junior, you just receive $2 at GO, buy a property at the stated value when you land, if you own all the colors, then its double, and that’s pretty much it. The kids love counting their money, (its all in $1 denomination as well, so its easy), a great way to introduce the concept of money, buying and selling, and also counting. The kids always find it hilarious when someone lands in jail and the longest monopoly session we ever had was for (i swear) 2 looooonnng hours. And after that, believe you me when i said the hubby and i came up with a million excuses and reasons why its time to do something else.

For those who are interested i have included links to buy from the comfort of your home, i.e. online shopping, and i found a Monopoly Junior Frozen Edition ……I know i know, i never used to succumb happily to such marketing tactics before i had a daughter that loves frozen, and hello kitty, and My little Pony…….

//“>Monopoly junior

//“>Monopoly Junior Frozen edition

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders is my older son’s favorite, my younger daughter (age 3.5 years when she first played), couldn’t get the concept of moving squares correctly and then following the snakes and ladders up and down. But she got it after a few months, and again its great at getting the children counting. Snakes and Ladders is such an old favorite that you will be able to find it from different shops, manufactures etc. We picked this set as my boy loves pirates, that really the only reason… again.. marketing tactics for weak parents like me..



Ah, Zingo, one of our earliest games that a good friend gifted us for Christmas one year. It was the first game that introduced the children to family game time, and i remembered that they played it everyday on their own. They love the hand action of getting the tiles out and till today still get excited in finding a matching tile. Which is what the game is essentially about, when its your turn, you dispense the tiles and everyone shouts out the tile that matches their Zingo board (think Bingo), and when you have all the tiles shout BINGO! I mean ZINGO!

Recently i saw in the shops that they have other versions version of Zingo where the tiles instead of easy pictures are sight words or match numbers tiles. Initially i really was very tempted to buy, but you have to buy the entire set including that contraption that dispenses the tiles. At $29.99 per set, i figured i will come up with more economical ways to get the kids to learn their sight words and numbers. However, for those you are interested, i included the link if again you prefer online shopping. Depending on the US exchange rate and shipping, it COULD possibly be slighter cheaper.

//“>Zingo Game

//“>Zingo – Sight words

//“>Zingo – Word Builder

Animal Safari

One of the earliest subjects that interest my children were animals, animals names made up most of their early vocabulary and they are still very fascinated with animals in general till today. This game is super fun as the aim is to collect as many counters with the different animals, the person with the most animals wins. So its a very easy game to understand as well. You use 2 dice to play, and basically depending on where you land or WANT to land to collect another token, you have to COUNT. If reaching your goal requires you using only the numbers on 1 dice, that’s allowed, or if you need to go further and use numbers on BOTH dice, that’s allowed too. So initially we only played using the addition of both dice (great addition practice for the kids as well), after they are more familiar with it, they are able to make the decision on whether to use 1 or 2 dice to their advantage, initially with some prompting, after a few months, my boy is able to actually think about it. And i love that it gives them the chance to do some “forward thinking” and “forward planning” at this age.


Ok ok, i know that twister is not technically a board game, but it is a REALLY REALLY REALLY fun game, that i know for most of us, ends when everyone is howling with laughter in a tangled mess on the ground. And that’s just what happens every time we play it. PLUS, it teaches and lets the kids practice their left and their right, and we try “teaching” the baby the different body parts as well. Everyone is happy!


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