Chocolate Cupcakes

I wanted to share this simple chocolate cupcake recipe that we love and bake regularly. But this time, we decided to indulge ourselves and make some yummy chocolate ganache, so the kids can have a go actually piping the ganache on the cupcake like REAL chefs they say.

When it comes to cupcake recipes, my favorite go to book is “Cupcakes” by Benjamin Wong, who has the EASIEST recipes that kids can easily follow. Also he has incorporated quite a few recipes with local flavors such as Milo cupcakes, Horlicks cupcakes, and for the adults, unique cupcakes such as Pimms Cupcakes.

His cupcake recipe literally only requires 6 ingredients – Self raising flour, cocoa powder, butter, caster sugar, eggs and vanilla extract. And another reason why i love Benjamin Wong’s recipes, is that i find that his recipes are very “forgiving”, especially when little chefs are the ones doing the measuring and mixing. A spoonful of flour or cocoa powder “lost” during mixing or just from “transporting” from counter top to table will not spell doom for your cupcake.


Self raising flour – 125 g

Coca powder – 2 Tbsp

Butter – 125 g

Caster sugar – 125 g (I usually measure out 100 g, just so its not too sweet for the children, and also as my boy is just learning measures, 100 g is easier for him to manage than him trying to figure out how many more “lines” is 125 g)

Eggs – 2, lightly beaten

Vanilla extract – 1 tsp (The kids usually just pour a bit out).


  1. Preheat oven to 180 C
  2. Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy with mixer
  3. Add eggs a bit at a time and whisk till mixture is blended
  4. Add Vanilla extract
  5. Sift flour and cocoa powder and add to mixture
  6. Spoon batter into cupcake liners

Once the cupcakes are done (around 20 mins, i always stick a satay stick in the middle to make sure it comes out clean before taking it out), let it cool COMPLETELY. Your ganache will melt if you have a warm cupcake.

Chocolate Ganache

Heavy cream – 140 g

Semi-sweet chocolate 200 g ( i usually use chocolate “buttons” so i don’t need to chop them)

Honey – 2 Tbsp ( to make the ganache glossy, and also because the children like squeezing honey) And personally, am not sure how much honey i add, its about 1 bottle squeeze per child, i have 2 children baking with me usually, but i have been known to add up to 4 squeezes…..

Put over low flame and stir till all the chocolate melted, add honey and stir well.

Cool in pot and pour into piping bag. Remember to close the end of the bag with some rubber bands and let it set in the fridge. Once set, pipe away!

The children really enjoyed piping the ganache, and we will probably try decorating cupcakes a bit more often now that they are able to use a piping bag.

Well, doubt anyone of the kids are going to be the next Masterchef, but its not too bad for their first time piping.



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