5 Sensory Eggs Ideas

Babies and toddler learn best by using their senses at this age, hence its really important to give our little ones enough sensory stimulation. One of our favorite things to make are egg shakers, literally fill a plastic eggs with stuff that shake and make some sort of noise inside and seal it. Previously for my two older kids, i have been making egg shakers regularly, filling them with different items so they all sound different, e.g. different beans, buttons, coins, really anything. As they grew, the older ones would make them for the younger ones, and the activity became another learning point for them. Different items made different sounds, how much you fill the eggs with the same items also will produce different sounds. Nowadays, my oldest would have a random urge every now and then to make one of these eggs, and he will just gather the materials himself and make for his little brother.


So 3 kids along, i frankly was getting rather bored of making yet ANOTHER egg shaker, that i decided i was going to make it more sensory by covering the eggs with different materials, so that the egg not only produces sound, but also FEELS different. These are some ideas that i tried with the kids one afternoon.

But firstly, i tried initially just using normal craft glue to attach the items, which is perfectly fine for the feathers, but the other items, the craft glue kept sliding off the eggs, and it was really hard for the kids to stick them on. So we gave up with craft glue, and used modge podge instead. This worked better and the kids were able to have some fun sticking different bits on the eggs. But for myself, i wanted to make sure that the items attached WOULD NOT come off, if anyone has met my youngest, calling him destructive is a severe understatement. I didn’t trust modge podge would survive his abuse, and decided on using my trusty hot glue gun, which is super easy to use and so quick. I sat in front of the kids and they sat and passed me each item one by one.  We ended up having a pleasant time chatting while i was sticking.

  1. Pom Poms

These are so cute, i had in stock some tiny pom poms, and this really gave such a nice plush feel to the eggs, in fact, this was my daughters favorite, the baby didn’t see this egg till a week after, she was hoarding this under her pillow.


2. Buttons

I thought of buttons as i had a bunch of brightly colored buttons and figured as he grew older i could slowly introduce colors to him, and it really looks pretty when its done. Excuse all the hot glue strands, the kids were so excited for me to take pictures that i gave up cleaning the eggs before taking the picture….They wanted me to send it to daddy QUICKLY so he could see what we were up to.



Feathers just because it really gives a very different textural feel to it, and he could really touch and think about it, also one of the kids favorite item to stick onto the eggs.


4. Pasta shells

We had some pasta shells left over from dinner, and i liked how the pasta had grooves and lines in them to give them more texture, so we just decided to stick them on!


5. Beans

We always have a bag of assorted beans at home, we use it to plant or use in our crafts or just to eat as well. But i love this bag of assorted beans from Waitrose, as they come in a really pretty array of colors and sizes. So again, just stick randomly. This turned out to be the baby’s favorite, i guess the different sizes and textures really make it very tactile for him.


So here you have it! Our tray of assorted sensory eggs


It was also a great activity for the older kids, they really got to practice their fine motor skills, even though i probably couldn’t  let the baby play with their eggs (he would definitely peel all the bits off and swallow them), i suspect they will ask me to let them decorate some more eggs in the near future…

And the baby is super pleased with his new toy, the best part is… its been almost 2 weeks and he hasn’t destroyed any yet!



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