Baking Fresh Bread

Baking bread is one of my favorite therapeutic things to do, and i really wish i have more time to bake bread on a regular basis. But between chauffeuring the children, mealtimes, homework, swimming, playing, and all the other gazillion things we have to do, buying bread is always simpler and the easier option to do. However, now that the kids are a little older, i have managed to squeeze in baking bread together with them once every couple of months. This is a basic white sandwich bread recipe that is simple and versatile in that we use it to pack their sandwich for snack time, and also their breakfast with their spreads. One recipe will make 2 big loaves, and i will usually slice up a loaf and chuck it in the freezer to make toast the following week.

I found this recipe online after trying out 5 or 6 other recipes, and this one works the best for me. Julia Child’s White Sandwich Bread

As you can probably guess, their favorite part about making bread is playing with the dough, i usually leave them with the dough to play for around 15 mins or until their fingers get stuck in the dough, and then i will knead the dough.

They still feel like they kneaded the dough and always get excited when the dough is “ready to grow!”.

Our yummy homemade bread! Please share with us if anyone has other simple bread recipes. We are still experimenting and trying out different pandan bread recipes, and will share with everyone once we find one that we like! Happy baking everyone….


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