Turning toddlers drawings into unique keepsakes

All parents love their little one’s drawings, but as parents, we know the sheer amount of drawings and art work that the children can generate, not only do we have to find space to keep them, we might also want to display some of the more meaningful pieces.

I became rather inspired after attending a screen print workshop, and it really hit me that i could pick those more meaningful and favorite drawings and turn them into wearable art. Because technically, you could silk screen print on any fabric surface.

Now, my boy has BOOKS of his drawings, i believe in letting my children have free access to standard art supplies such as paper, crayons, color pencils, child scissors, cut out shapes and glue, so that they can create or draw something when they feel like it. And he has literally been drawing a few pictures pretty much every day for the last couple of years. When he draws, he has a “theme” and that will be what he will be drawing for weeks, before he changes his topic. I picked out a few of my son’s favorite drawings, and he picked out a few as well. I started with the “easiest”, as i am making my own screen. It happens to be one of my favorite as well, his rendition of sharks.


I actually combined 2 of his sharks from different drawing sessions, as he was drawing these cute sharks for weeks, and all have the same vibe.

Making the silk screen is rather tedious as i have to trace his sharks out and really be careful with the lines.


And once i had the silk screen done, we went a bit nuts and printed them on T shirts for daddy and him, printed them on some calico to make cushions as presents for the family and also for teachers day this year. He even had a go at printing.

Processed with Snapseed.

For cushions for his teachers, i made a screen with the children’s name and had it printed below the picture as well, they were so pleased and proud of the cushions. We even made some place mats! and they gets excited with setting the table everyday using THEIR OWN place mats.

Over the next few weeks, i just kept making more screens, its pretty therapeutic in a way and i’ll show it to the children in the morning when they get up, and after school he and his sister will have a go at printing.

His ship was another of our favorite, and we though it would look cooler with just the ship and i tried printing with 2 colors this time. So after many many silk screens


This was our effort for teachers’ day this year


And the children and daddy got new t shirts that they “designed”

If you are interested in turning your children’s drawings into a memorable keepsake, drop us an email or click on the link to head over to our website for more details. We currently are able to turn them into either cushions or place mats.

Handmade silk screen printed customized cushion

Handmade silk screen printed customized placemats


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