Rainbow Peanut Butter Cookies

It all started when we were at a bakery, and my son saw this amazing huge huge jar of cookies in assorted colors, arranged to look like a rainbow. He wanted to buy one to eat, but obviously it was for display and not for sale. So to soothe his little broken heart over the “loss” of his rainbow cookie, i said we will make our own rainbow cookie.

Initially i was going to make a simple butter cookie, but my heartbroken tired boy still had some energy left to protest that he didn’t like butter, so peanut butter it is, since peanut butter is his favorite.

I had baked using this recipe before, however, when i previously baked it, it was soooooo sweet, coupled with the fact that he wanted to bring some over to grandma and grandpa (who are both diabetic), i greatly reduced the amount of sugar used in the recipe. The recipe calls for 1 cup white sugar AND 1 cup brown sugar. I reduced it to half cup white sugar and half cup brown sugar.  My disclaimer is that my family really don’t consume very sweet foods, so by essentially halving the amount of sugar, it is the right level for us, but most people would probably not find it sweet enough, so i suggest that if your family prefer something a little sweet, reduce the white sugar by half and keep 1 cup for the brown sugar. By reducing the sugars by half, you actually get almost a sweet-savory cookie which is what my son likes. He isn’t a big fan of sweet food as well, and generally prefer savory to sweet.

Peanut Butter Cookies

It a simple recipe so young children will be able to follow and do most of the steps, they would need some help to make sure that everything is well mixed. Even the baby wanted a go at the whisk….

So, after following the recipe and finally getting the dough, we divided it into 4, and simply added food coloring to each batch.


Once it has chilled in the fridge for about an hour, just ball them into little balls and use a fork to “squish” them down. Easy even for children!

Bake them for just 10 mins, great for impatient little children… and we have rainbow peanut butter cookies!





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