Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich

One of my children’s favorite books currently is “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr Seuss. Not only is it great for early readers (simple words, repetitive and the rhymes are fun as well!), they really find the idea of green eggs super hilarious. They get such a kick out of reading it every time.

I did think initially to just add green food coloring, but i didn’t want to miss an “opportunity” to introduce them to new foods, i.e. avocados. Well technically they ate avocados by the box when they were going onto solid foods years earlier, but for some odd strange reason that only toddlers could understand, they suddenly decided they no longer like avocados. So since then (till this attempt), i could never get them to eat avocados again. Also, i found some black charcoal multi-grain bread at the supermarket, so yeah! two new foods to try!

For the health conscious folks out there, this recipe would be a great alternative to the regular egg mayonnaise sandwiches, as the avocados give a similar creamy texture, so its absolutely not necessary to use any mayonnaise in this recipe.

Avocado Egg Sandwich

2 boiled egg – mashed

2 avocado – mashed



Salt and Pepper

Once the boiled egg and avocado have been mashed, mix together and add salt and pepper to taste. As an option, add a squeeze of lemon to have a fresher taste, as well as preventing the avocados from browning. However, if your children don’t like sour taste and are super picky about it, just omit the lemon. When i made it for my picky eaters i omitted the lemon, and then i added the lemon to the remaining portion for myself and the husband.

Assemble on the bread of your choice, with your ham and your avocado and egg filling, and you have….. GREEN EGGS and HAM ! This recipe is enough for 2 adults, 2 picky eaters and a baby to chuck some at the dog.

The kids were so tickled and were so enthusiastic about trying. But sadly, they still weren’t a fan of avocados, but at least they ate it! Also, this recipe is uber easy for kids to make as well. I didn’t include my children to make the sandwich as i was “hiding” the avocados from them. But its definitely a recipe that your toddlers could manage and have fun with.



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