Book Recommendation – Mix it up

I was in the book store the other day when i came across this book by Herve Tullet. It is such a fun book that i wanted to share with everyone. As you can probably guess from reading our blogs, we really love our books and all three families read books regularly. But it is rare to come across a book that mirrors our art activities, and this book does that.


“Mix it up!” is a book that introduces color mixing / blending to toddlers using interactive “instructions” plus some imagination. As the title says, the book invites the children to “mix” the colors up. It gets the children to imagine mixing, smudging, shaking red and yellow and other primary colors together. And when you close your eyes and flip the page….. its ORANGE!  Ok, i know i am probably not doing enough justice to the book on how interactive and fun it is. But my 5 year old who knows how to mix his colors to get the secondary colors finds this pretty fun as well. He calls it the magic color mixing book. And he just took it off me again while i was referring to it while writing this post…..


We will definitely be looking to get the other books by Herve Tullet, and i hope you enjoy this book as much as my kids and I have.

For those who prefer online shopping, i have included the link to get the book from Amazon.

//“>Mix it Up – Herve Tullet


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