Fabric Memory Game

Remember playing memory games when you were younger? We would lay all the cards out on the floor and open one by one to find a pair. This is the same game, but i have sewed it out of my kids favorite print. Super easy to sew and suitable for beginners as an early sewing project for your kids. Its great not only for training their memory, but also great for helping with their concentration, as they really need to sit and try to recall where all the “cards” are.


Felt or cotton batting if you want the “cards” to be firmer. I used felt as that was what i had lying around the house.

1 Print for the front

10 different prints for the back (i.e. the pairs). I made 10 sets, hence 10 different prints, but you could make more or less sets. Its entirely up to you.



Cut the felt, cotton fabrics into 4 inches x 4 inches squares.

Once everything is cut out, take one back and one front piece, face them together (right sides facing each other), and place a felt square on the top and pin the 4 sides together.

I use a 1/4 inch seam allowance, and just sew all 4 sides together, remembering to leave about a 2 inch gap (roughly, i wouldn’t spend a lot time measuring the gap out, just roughly do 1-2 inches as you sew depending on how big your fingers are) on one of the sides to turn it right way round.


Clip the corners


Use a chopstick and just make sure the corners are turned out nicely, iron it flat, ensuring that the seams are folded in nicely where it is open

Top-stitch all around the 4 sides to close the gap.


And you are done! To make it more challenging, just sew more pairs. I hope your kids have fun playing this.




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