DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Christmas is coming! We wanted to make our own Christmas decorations this year since the kids are a year older, and able to do more complicated stuff with mommy. The wreath was actually requested by the children. On the last day of school, they both came home with their own paper plate wreaths made in school. It was very cute, but they wanted something “BIGGER”. So, when i was wandering about spotlight (its almost my weekly retail therapy nowadays… sad i know…), i saw the Styrofoam wreaths and i got them. Here are some simple ideas that you could do to make your very own Christmas wreaths….

  1. Christmas ornaments wreath

Which child doesn’t like those round shiny Christmas ornaments? I don’t know any.. you? So since they love Christmas ornaments so much… a Christmas ornaments wreath it is…. just get the kids to pick out their colored ornaments… i actually had a grand idea of keeping it to a color theme, you know, blue and silver, red and gold etc… but since i said they could pick the colors they want, i have to keep my mouth shut when they literally picked every color they saw at the shop.

So the materials you need for this wreath are just the Styrofoam “skeleton”, Christmas ornaments (i used approximately 120 balls of various sizes, yes you read right, one hundred and two balls…), and a glue gun. Now, using a glue gun means the little balls will stay exactly where you stuck them, but it also means, use carefully with children. Mine are old enough to know to avoid the nozzle and handle with care.

So all you need to do is just glue away! The kids plucked out the strings from the ends of the balls, and an important point to remember, is when gluing the ornaments, keep the foam flat on the surface you are working on. This is so that the wreath when finished will be nice and flushed against the wall or door. It is actually easier to work with balls of different sizes, so you get a nice textured effect, and also, you get to cover the “holes” up  much easier. The kids had fun picking which color i should stick on first and bossed me as to where all the “holes” were.

All in all they had a good time and they were super proud of their finished product!


2. Artificial flowers and Christmas decoration wreath

While we were getting the round Christmas ornaments, bunches of artificial red poinsettia flowers caught my daughters eye, and she REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted them. Since our tree was full, i said we could use them for another wreath. Surprisingly, this time, she picked all the red and gold decorations! Such fickle creature the little kids…..

So the materials we used this time were the same Styrofoam “skeletoimg_7152n”, artificial flowers and other Christmas decorations, scissors and our trusty hot glue gun.

We need to snip the flowers and leaves individually so we can affix them on the wreath. For the leaves, have an assortment of individual leaves and leaves in a bunch. Once ready, we can start gluing. It is basically flower arranging on the foam, you don’t HAVE to lay the foam flat unlike making the ball ornaments, as the flowers and leaves are soft, and will still lie nice and flushed against the surface you hang the wreath. Do take note that you would need to glue the flowers and decorations mostly “hanging downwards” so you can hide the stems among the petals and other leaves. So work from top down, and arrange as you see fit, or as you’re child sees fit. Stick the “bigger” items first, and leave the leaves till last and just use the leaves as a “filler” to cover the gaps.

A really simple and quick project that you could do together with the children.