The Whimsical World of Captain Lulo

One of the things that gets us really excited about being part of a craft market is discovering other artists who love creating their products by hand.

Meet Cheryl, a quirky and talented visual artist and illustrator.


(photo taken from

Cheryl makes beautiful paper cut illustrations, each one intricately handcrafted and perfect to spruce up your personal space.

From paper matchbox dioramas to the space pop necklace craft kit,  Cheryl’s collection is always full of delightful surprises.

matchbox dioramas
(photo taken from

space pop necklace craft kit
(photo taken from

We’re especially in love with her adorable tote bags, some of which are silkscreened and embroidered by hand.

embroidered tote bag
(photo taken from

Get lost in the colourful world of Captain Lulo at:

If you would like to commission or collaborate on a project with Cheryl, email



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