Gift ideas for a preschooler



A beautiful gift is one that comes from the heart.

I love giving gifts – thinking about the person and wondering what is meaningful to them. Giving presents to children is one of the most easiest and most difficult task for me. It’s easy because I could walk into a toy store, purchase a toy that’s on the child’s wish list, wrap it up and that’s done. It’s also a difficult task because I want the gift to be an experience or something unique that allows the child to discover and explore new possibilities.

Earlier this year, I reflected on the gifts that I gave last year and felt that I didn’t really put much effort and thought as I lacked time, resources and all that sort of excuses that puts me to shame. I know when birthdays and special occasions are and these can be planned well in advance. If I wanted my children to be involved in the selection of gift and wrapping, then I definitely needed to be more prepared this year.

So, 2017 came and we had 3 birthdays and hence opportunities to make things right. My objective for 2017 was to give gifts that either experiential or one that promotes creativity, discovery, exploration. This is kind of in line with my idea of being a minimalist – wanting to reduce toys that would be played for a couple of months and would end up sitting in the corner and turned into another item that cluttered.

Our first present was for a 6 year old boy. We purchased an annual family ticket to the Art Science Museum for the exhibit “Future World”. It’s a season ticket that allows her family all year round access to the exhibit. Her kids love the exhibit and having an annual pass would enable them to reduce time queuing, giving them an option for a family outing all year round, and also promoting creativity within the kids and family. The best part? It’s just a ticket that is carried around in the car or the bag. Minimal clutter. Bingo!

In my second opportunity, it was for a 5 year old. Her mom loves getting the kids out for creative workshops and we thought a craft basket for the party and also any leftovers could be used for another occasion. I put together a bunch of art supplies that was age appropriate and found a lovely basket that could be reused. In a craft box, I put in some small bits like stickers, sequins, glitter sticks, washi tapes, feathers and glue. In the rest of the basket, we had sidewalk chalks, playdough, ice cream sticks, a couple of drawing blocks and markers. The kids had a great time playing with the glitter and playdough during the party. And after that, putting all the craft items back into the basket made it easy for mom to pack away and take it out for their next craft activity.

The last birthday present for the month of January to my 6 year old was a family outing in a duck tour. The kids had a great time and experience on the duck tour. We learnt about the vehicle, the places and history of Singapore and as a family, we had a wonderful morning exploring Singapore on road and in the waters. My kids are set on taking the open top bus on the next birthday celebration. We’re looking forward to that day!

As I write this post, my hamster is running furiously in my mind trying to create a meaningful gift for the next child who’s birthday party is approaching. Could it be a family pass to the zoo, museum, aquarium, or a kids play? Oooh….its such an exciting thought.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

If you’d like some ideas to create a art and craft basket for a child, or put together a craft basket, please drop us an email We would be most delighted to share our ideas with you.

Happy Monday!



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