DIY Crispy Fried Chicken

One of our favorite dishes to cook are chicken wings, the kids can’t seem to get enough of it, specifically CRISPY chicken wings. They seem to think that if they ask for it 20 mins before dinner, mommy will sprinkle some sort of fairy dust and fried chicken wings will materialize from the kitchen. SO…. mummy here decided its high time that they learn and cook their own chicken wings from SCRATCH.

This would be the first time that my kids will be handling raw meat, so i was a bit apprehensive on whether they will get squeamish… but hey, if they can EAT it… they should be able to handle raw chicken.

For this activity, parents please ensure they wash their little hands THOROUGHLY before and AFTER the activity.


Chicken wings – i usually cook 10 pieces of wings, and i get my butcher to chop it into 2 pieces, so 20 pieces in total. That enough for our family of 4.

Buttermilk – enough to cover the chicken

Grated garlic

Dried herbs (i used dried basil)

Salt and Pepper




Its best to marinate the chicken in buttermilk for at least 2-3 hours, or overnight if possible. I “flavor” the marinate with some grated garlic and herbs. So.. after adding marinate and giving a good mix, cover with cling film and keep in fridge.

Once ready to fry, i prep a plate with plain flour and added some salt and pepper. For additional flavor, you could add more garlic or dried herbs or even some chili flakes or cayenne pepper for added heat. Prep another plate with an egg, and beat it.


The way i get really crispy chicken wings is to double bread it, that means i apply 2 coatings of flour. Take a piece of chicken out of the buttermilk and dust it with flour, dust off excess and coat it with the egg, drip the excess off and dust it again with flour. Remember to always dust off or drip off excess flour and eggs. A good tip is to keep one hand for the “wet” wash i.e.  the buttermilk or egg and the other hand for the”dry” coating, i.e. the flour, so that it doesn’t all clump up in to a batter on your fingers. I got the kids to split the “work”, and have one work with the “wet” washes and another just to dust the flour on the chicken pieces.

Once everything is nicely coated, fry in oil till golden brown and crispy!

The kids actually had super a lot of fun cooking, the raw chicken totally didn’t put them off and they got really stuck in with the coating of the chicken with the flour and egg wash. But best of all, they now realize that it take more than 20 mins to cook chicken wings.. Hooray! Mission accomplished!


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