5 Simple Dishes That Kids Could Cook

All of my kids are picky eaters, i always had my fingers crossed that when the time came for each child to start their solids, i would have a miracle child that ate everything mummy prepared from the kitchen enthusiastically. Unfortunately for me, that is not so… in fact, each successive child seems pickier than the one before…. But one of the ways that i try to make my life easier and also get the children interested in food, is to involve them in cooking. Now that they are older, i find that they are perfectly capable of doing some dishes independently. So these 5 dishes are what the kids make at least once a week by themselves and finish eating as well!

  1. Sandwiches

One of the easiest dishes to make! and they can add WHATEVER they want between their 2 slices of bread…. Peanut butter, jam, butter, ham, cheese, the list goes on… i will just put out a selection, couple of butter knives and leave them to it. This is my son’s current favorite sandwich to make: Ham and ketchup with pandan bread…. i know… whatever rocks his boat right? as long as they finish it, they can create whatever  sandwich they want…


2. Mash Potato

Making mash potatoes is good fun especially for kids aged 5 and above. They get to use the peeler and feel really grown up about it, chop it up and boil them, and they love the whole mashing process as well. One holds the bowl and the other mashes the potatoes. I will put the maximum amount of butter or milk or cream and salt “allowed” for the amount of potatoes and let the kids decide and taste for themselves how much to season and flavor the potatoes. So simple to make, we even did it by the poolside and had dinner by the pool.

3. Clear Chicken Soup

For kids that love chopping, this is a fun dish for them. They get to not only cut, but also peel the potatoes, carrots, leeks and dump it into the slow cooker with some chicken. The adults still cut the onions for them, they are rather put off my the stinging in their eyes if they cut the onions. Or they can use goggles to cut!


They wore goggles the last time they cut spring onions……apparently it made cutting “much” more fun… I also prefer using the slow cooker when i boil soup for the kids and its safer than them putting the food into a pot over a flame. Also, they can have a closer look at the soup boiling. I also get them to season the soup with a bit of salt at the end, just so they are used to tasting their food.

Once cooked, they can boil their own pasta / noodles or even rice as well.

4. Rice

Every PERSON adult or child should know how to cook rice, but since they are still little, cooking rice in a rice cooker will suffice. They get to learn how much water to add and most kids i imagine would enjoy the process of washing rice prior to cooking. And they really feel accomplished when they get to eat rice that they cooked themselves.

5. Pizza

Our favorite! i did a blog post previously on homemade pizza, you can refer to that for the full recipe. Pizza night  But just to mention again how much kids love pizza and that you really can create whatever you want , so even though we eat pizza regularly, each week we try different toppings and i use it as a way to introduce new ingredients every now and again.


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