Shape Collage Art for Toddlers and Preschoolers


One of our favorite activities to do with our kids at home and at our workshops is shape collages. Its great as it teaches and reinforces shapes to them. They also get to learn colors and explore textures while they are at it. It is a simple activity with minimal preparation and clean up.

file_001This activity promotes fine motor skills when using scissors to cut, using a brush to put on glue and pinching little shapes to stick onto the collage.

We also had different textures like magazine papers, construction paper, corrugated board, foam, aluminium foils and colored tissue papers. There are also other types of materials that could be used such as fabric scraps, bottle caps, straws that can also be used to create your collage. I love that this is very open, process art and the kids and I talk about the possibilities that we could create. Like a playground, buildings, vehicles, etc. I use this opportunity to discuss about shapes around us and what we can look out for in nature and all around us. file_002collage

This activity requires some preparation work in advance. Cut out squares and circles in advance. Have a A3 paper for backing, preferably one that is thick paper so that it can take the glue. Scissors, plate (for glue), glue and brush.

Have these materials ready and invite the child to it. Talk to them about shapes, what they can see, feel the texture and how a square can be cut to make into rectangles, or triangles, and how circles can be cut into halves to create dome shaped, etc.

Then you could ask the child to imagine a scene or an animal that they would like to create. For older children, they would be happy to start working on this project and you could also join in a create your own collage. For younger children, it could be a collaborative effort that parent and child could talk about what they would like to create and do it together.

I hope you enjoy this post. Happy collaging!




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