DIY Playtent with an Ikea Hack

We recently moved house and we are finally blessed to have more space for the children to play in. Now my kids and i LOVE playhouse or tents, but those store bought ones are not only kinda small (kids will grow out of them in NO TIME), but also pretty expensive, considering they won’t be playing with them longer than a couple of months.

We have a LOT of shelves, for all our junk, especially the kids toys, so we decided to use one of our existing IKEA shelves and screw in some hooks on the shelves and wall, and pretty much just suspend a 2 meter long fabric to make an instant and semi permanent tent!

Materials needed:

Enough fabric for back and front, 2 m each (the distance i wanted from the wall to the shelve was 2 meters, please measure the distance between your wall and shelf).

Hooks; hook size has to fit your grommet size


Sewing machine

Steps / method

  1. Cut fabric to length and width you need. I bought 2m of 2 different fabrics, and i just lined them up, folded them neatly and trimmed off the sides to make them exactly the same size.


2. Right sides facing each other, pin all the way round.

3. Sew with 1/4 inch seam allowance all around and leave about 4-6 inches open.

4. Clip the corners so you will get nice pointy coners when you turn it out.

5. Turn it right way out through the opening.

6. Iron the tent flat, making sure the opening are folded neatly.

7. Top stitch all around with a 1/8 inch seam allowance, closing the hole shut.


8. Screw in the hook to the wall and shelf. I used 3 hooks on each side so the tent doesn’t droop in the middle, but you could hold it up on both ends to see if the droop is significant for you to want to add the middle hook.

9. Add and hammer in your grommets where your hooks are suppose to be. Follow the instuctions on how to use the grommet that you purchased. I also find it much easier to only put in the grommets AFTER the hooks are on the wall, hold up the tent and mark it with a fabric marker. Then you can be sure your grommets will fit the hooks perfectly.


10. Hook on the tent to the hooks and its done! The nice thing about this tent, is that it is reverisible! so when they are bored of one side, you could just flip it and hook on the other side. Its also easy to detach to wash.


Our finished tent!





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