Homemade fresh cheese

We have been wanting to try making our own cheese for quite a while now, and we finally took the plunge this week since the kids were asking how do people make cheeses. Granted this is an extremely simplified process of making cheese, nontheless it is still cheese, and a good introduction for the children. The recipe is actually quite simple and straight forward to make, and the kids had a lot of fun stirring and feeling rather adult about it.


This is the recipe we used, Homemade cheese

The recipe works well and the kids were excited to see each process.

The only thing we did different was use a coffee strainer instead of a muslin cloth, i had a clean unused cofffee strainer at home and i really didn’t want to go make a special trip to get muslin.

My older son who loves his milk wasn’t too impressed with the cheese as its not really “milky”, well, our milk we get here dosen’t taste the most flavourful even though we used full cream milk. But it does have a really nice texture almost like ricotta cheese.

With the left over cheese, i used it in place of the regular bechamel sauce for our lasagne. Definately much easier than making a bechamel from scratch if you already have some cheese in the fridge. Oh yes, my bolognaise is purple instead of red, because i found some purple carrots in the market that day…..






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