DIY Mother’s Day Present – Handsewn Heart Buttons Tote Bag

This is a cute sewing project to do with the children. They have been really interested in sewing lately, probably because mummy has been on her sewing machine a lot last few weeks. I had previously taught them how to sew buttons, and they helped sew buttons for a busy bag previously. 5 Busy Bag Ideas – Part 1 Since then they haven’t really got a chance to sew buttons again, so this week, they both said they really really really wanted to sew some buttons, and since mother’s day is coming, i thought this would make a great unique gift for grandma.

I love these plain canvas tote bags from muji. So versatile, as you can sew on them, paint on them, use fabric crayons or even stamp on them. And being the hoarder that i am, i usually have a few of these tote bags at home. The kids decided that they wanted to sew a heart button…… Now i don’t know where you can find a massive heart button, and i thought that it would be too randomn to just sew a bunch of heart buttons haphazardly all over the bag, so i got my older boy (6 years old) to draw a heart with a fabric marker. I printed out a quick heart template and got him to trace it onto the bag. And then i took out my box of buttons and they took turns to sew buttons onto the bag within the heart that my son traced.


The children used mainly the big bright buttons, this size is perfect for them, as it is large enough for them to hold and not prick themselves with the needle. It is also easy for them to find the “holes” on the buttons. My son did try a few buttons where you sew through side to side, and he found that easier than sewing on the regular buttons.


You would need to help sew in the blank spaces, as the little buttons would be a little too challenging for them at the moment. But keep going slowly, and am super impressed this activity kept them interested for a full 30 mins! By then, there isn’t anymore space to sew the big buttons anymore, then it is up to the adults to finish sewing more buttons to cover the empty spaces


I thought it looked really cute, but the kids decided that it would look better with an outline, so they traced the heart with a fabric marker. Personally i prefer it without the outline! Hope you have fun with this project, and you could trace any shape out that you want to create your own unique tote bag for your mom!


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