DIY Lego Room Ideas

We re did the kids play room this year, and one of the many many requests from my son was LEGO! and MORE LEGO! Just LEGO everywhere. But since the playroom is a SHARED playroom with his younger siblings who aren’t crazy lego fans, i told him i would make him a little lego corner where he can play to his heart’s content. So here are some ideas that i did for his little lego corner. We even made some together!

  1. Lego table

We bought a second hand ikea table and some lego base plates. And it was simply a matter of spreading some glue and sticking the base plates on, making sure the plates are nicely aligned. This is a good activity for the kids as they go really excited with just pouring the glue on the table and brushing it evenly over the table.

2. Lego Wall

This is pretty much the same as the lego table, just mounted on the wall. I thought of doing a wall to give him more surface area to play with, as if his friends come, the little ikea table might not be big enough for 3-4 boys.

The wall is slighly more complicated, i bought some plywood from artfriend, and used hot glue gun to glue the lego base to the plywood, again making sure the bases are nicely aligned. Then its just getting the husband to drill the plywood into the wall. Done!

3. Lego crayons

OK, so this is not strictly for his corner, but he wanted some crayons and i have a lego man silcone mould, so i said why not? This works great for party favours! For his set, i re used my kids’ left over crayon stubs, just broke it into smaller pieces, and randomly filled the mould with different colors to get a rainbow lego man crayon. Pop it into othe oven at about 100 degree celsius till all the crayon has melted. Take it out of the oven and let it cool at room temperature. Pop it out when cooled and you have rainbow crayons!


For those who would like a more natural option for younger kids, our online shop sells the same lego man crayons and others crayons made out of 100% cosmetic grade beeswax, and “colored” with food coloring. This would be the safer option for the little ones who are still putting stuff into their mouth. Click on the link for purchase or for more details. Handmade crayons


4. Lego holders

This is super fun to do together with the kids! Even the younger kids had fun making this. You basially build an open top box that you can put your markers, color pencils and GASP! MORE LEGOS!



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