DIY Cork Board

I love my fabrics, i really have a huge stash of fabrics that are waiting for me to start my projects. If you are anything like me, awesome fabrics are really really really hard to say no too. This is a super quick, super easy project to do and you get to use up your fabric stash, and buy some more! oops…

I don’t know about others, but i really love big big cork boards. Probably it is close to impossible to stay on top of the activites for 3 children, plus regularly used go to recipes, dates for school trips, grocery lists etc. A big cork board allows me to pin EVERYTHING on and i can look at everything at once, and EVERYTHING is within reach.

However, i have never seen anywhere selling cork boards that big, so this is what i came up with!


My lovely sister in law bought me this super cute fabric that went nicely in my living room. All you need is fabric (enough to cover the cork board), cork board (i bought mine from Art friend), and a frame (i bought mine from ikea).

I was quite pleased that i found a frame from ikea and a cork board at Art friend that are exactly the same size, approximately 61 cm x 91 cm. You will need approximately 1 m to 1.5m of fabric, depending on the width of your fabric. I used a little over 1m for mine. No measurements needed, just iron your fabric perfectly flat, ensure you get all the wrinkles out. Spray some spray adhesive onto the cork and cover with fabric. Trim off the excess, making sure to leave enough fabric around the board to fold over to the back, approximately 2 inches is more than sufficient. Ensure you get all the air bubbles out. Fold over to the back and spray more adhesive.

Then just pop the backing from the frame and put it back into the frame. Remember to omit the glass or plastic panel from the frame. Done! Great as a notice board or as wall decor.

We also have some samll cicular fabric cork baords avaible at our online shop. Click on the link for purchase or for more information. Fabric cork boards


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