DIY Rainbow Princess Tulle Dress Tutorial

My 5 year old daughter is such a girl at heart. Loves her sparkles, her big princess dresses and her tiaras. She has been asking me to make her a rainbow princess dress for close to 6 months now, and after that, she would continously ask when her dress would be ready, i finally roped in the rest of the family to help make her dress together this week.

This is a NO SEW dress! So impressive isn’t it? I came across this dress online couple of years back and i actually had made a dress for her for my brother’s wedding, but she has long grown out of the dress. There are plenty of online tutorials for making this dress, and many youtube video tutorials as well. However, you make your own unique dress based on the colors of tulle you use and the theme of your dress.



Tulle (My tulle are 6 inches and 25 yards per roll) To go round one layer around the top, i used 4 rolls. You multiply by how many layers you want to do. 2 layers will give you a big poof dress, i recommend not tying more than 3 layers on, or your child might get lost in the dress.

For the rainbow dress, i got a roll of each color (7 colors in total). I also used 4 rolls of white tulle for the 2nd layer.

Crochet top ( i bought mine online, and i made sure that it is lined, just so it is more comfortable for the children)

I love making this dress as not only is it simple, it is really quite therapeutic for me to sit and just tie knots.

You start first by measuring the length you need. I measure the length from the bottom of the crochet top all the way to the floor. This would give you enough allowance for the knots, so the final length is just off the floor. If you want it shorter, measure to the ankles rather than the floor. I usually make dresses longer so they don’t grow out of it so quickly. It so happens that the length to the floor is the same length as my long ruler. You actually need double the length that you measured, as you make the knot after folding the strip of tulle into 2. For example, if you need 10 inches, you actually cut a 20 inch tulle strip and then fold into 2 to get 10 inches again.

So back to the ruler, i simply loop my tulle around till i have 10 strips, and cut only on ONE end to get strips that are double my measured length. If you don’t have anything to wrap the tulle around that is the right length, just measure and cut some cardboard to the correct length.


Once you have your strips cut (you need 10-12 strips per color), you are ready to knot. Put the crochet top through your leg so that it is easier to work with. Start at the bottom row, and put the folded end of the tulle strip through one of the holes at the bottom “line” of the crochet top. Pull the rest of the strip through the folded end to “loop”. Since this is a rainbow dress, i started at the side first.

And you keep going till the entire first row “holes” are knotted with a tulle strip.


The above picture shows the inside of the dress, i.e. the back of the knot. Refer to the picture below for the knot that is visible on the front of the dress:


Close up of the knot on the inside of the dress:


So once you are done with the first row, you get a super duper bright dress that is so bright that it hurts my eyes! Just too much color! Also at this point, she inisted on trying it, even though it is not ready yet. For shoulder straps, just pick a color, and measure directly on the shoulder, cut 2 strips and just tie them on.


To tone down the colors, but still be able to see the rainbow colors, i added a 2nd layer of white tulle.


Go slowly, and knot every “hole” in the crochet top on the next level above the first layer. She was so excited to try, she didn’t even let me finish the back for her.

Our finished product! The little rainbow princess was so happy with it, she wore it the whole day. And she has now asked for a pink and purple dress with a long train……



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