Homemade Butter cookies with SPRINKLES

,The school holidays are finally here! Kids are super duper estatic over it, and mommy here has to figure out how to keep them occupied with the sudden “extra” time she has at home with them. Since baking is one of our favourite activity at home, i wanted to share this quick and simple butter cookie recipe that i always use. Its really quick to whip up, and the best part is that it doesn’t require cooling time in the fridge. I can prep the dough and use it straight away, PLUS its done baking in the oven in 6-8mins! Perfect for the impatient little kids.

This is the recipe i used – Butter Cookie recipe

The only thing i did different was to give the children a dazzling array of sprinkles to decorate the cookies. Obviously this is the highlight of baking cookies and such fun for them. I bought an assortment of sprinkles from the supermarket, some chocolate rice, some mini M&Ms, chocolate chips and even mini oreo cookies….


The older kids can ball the dough up themselves, and you just need to help ball up and flatten the dough a little for the little kids, so they can add their toppings..

And after 6-8 mins of baking……



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