Homemade colorful Chocolate

I wanted to give the kids a treat this week since they have been unusally good and co-operative during the school holidays. Hardly any fights, they ate their meals pleasantly, went to bed without fuss, did their homework properly… just great! I bet this will all change once they have their “reward”.. oh well… least I had a good week!

I recently bought some cute moulds that I found in the shop and got this idea for the kids to color some melted white chocolate and “paint” their own chocolate.


I also made my own little “pipping bags” out of baking paper as I didn’t want to waste my piping bags with a small quantity of chocolate. Knowing the kids, most will get stuck all around the regular sized piping bags. They are also really simple to make. I just cut out rectangles, fold it into 2, cut. Fold each cut side into two and cut again. Repeat until you get the size you need. After that, just roll the paper in a cone and secure with some tape…

Next, melt a bag of white chocolate over a water bath…


Portion out the melted white chocolate into individual bowls and add food coloring. The kids really love mixing and watching the colors blend. Add more food coloring if you want a deeper / brighter color. The kids seem happy with pastels today.


Fill up each piping bag with a color of chocolate and snip of the ends. I started with a tiny snip to see if the kids were comfotable with the flow. If they have no patience to use the piping bags, they can also fill the moulds with a teaspoon. Just watch that most of the chocolate actually ends up in the mould and not in their mouths!

In the end, the boys used the teaspoon, or just poured from the bowls into the mould. Only my little girl had the patience to pipe pink eyes and nose for her cat.

Once mould has been filled, tap the tray to get the air bubbles out and pop it into the freezer. My freezer is really really cold, so the chocolate literally set in 15 mins! The kids were sooooo excited to unmould it….

We have Legos….

and cars that disappeared as soon are we took them out of the moulds!

as well as cats and kittens…


It’s a fun activity. Looks like I’ll be going to the store to get new colors that we can color the chocolate again next week!









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